People & Culture Podcasting Solutions

People & Culture teams have been put to the test over the last few years.

Our workplaces have fundamentally changed, entire workforces are potentially now in flexible work from home arrangements – many haven’t been to an office in over 2 years.

Communicating, connecting and cutting through the noise has become more difficult and this is where we make things real easy.

Emails, portal documents, overly produced video, they’re missing the sweet spot of communication, and they’re likely overly expensive and ineffective at getting your messages through.

QR codes have compelled almost the entire adult population to update to a smart device so they can check-in, wherever they are. For the first time in human history we now have access to put the right messages into the pockets and ears of almost every adult in the workforce.

As we all grapple with working from home, we know that more and more things vie for our visual attention, emails, portals, documents, IM, the list is endless, however audio only content has largely been overlooked as a professional way to engage corporate audiences.

The beauty of audio only communication is the workforce largely can continue to work while also listening to the latest updates from the People and Culture team, and capturing the audio is significantly cheaper and doesn’t require hair, makeup and suits – your leadership team can conduct an interview from anywhere up to 30 minutes wherever they are.

Podcasting is a particularly intimate and connected experience, you are allowing the voice of the podcast to effectively communicate your message directly to the ear of the listener, studies show that cut through and message retention is significantly higher in podcasting than in written formats.

Company Podcasting¬†is Australia’s leading end to end podcasting solution – we provide the host, the studio, the industry leading software, professional sound engineered production quality output, artwork, royalty free music, sign-off workflow, file hosting and publishing – everything!

Our hosts are business owners and non-executive directors of corporate Australia who speak your language and understand the importance of delivering your message professionally. They are experts at supporting your interviewees, which allow their characters to shine while humanising what can often be overly corporatised highly polished glossy written messaging with little appeal or retention.

You simply supply the talking points, the interviewees and the sign-off – we do the rest.

When you buy an end to end podcasting solution from Company Podcasting you can rest assured we have everything covered, our packages include:

  • Up to 30 minutes professionally produced podcasts
  • Professional Business Host
  • Remote Recording Studio Scheduling
  • Podcast artwork (with 3 revisions)
  • All audio editing (fair use – up to 15 master track edits)
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Podcast distribution
  • All software licensing fees
  • All music licensing fees
  • Access to final audio file for further sharing
  • Embeddable code for your company website or portal
  • Full podcast transcription – which can be distributed without restriction

Our podcasts are professional, compliant and dependable and we place your messaging in a convenient, professional and compelling podcast that opens access to all kinds of stakeholders – shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, community and government.

Did you know companies can achieve over 5% of their revenue through advertising to their internal stakeholders?

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