Company Podcasting is Australia’s leading strategic podcasting company.

Many companies have attempted their own podcasts, which may have been hacked together internally, use radio jocks or backyard podcasters, often not meeting expectations of the listener, because they don’t have the right corporate tone, they don’t find their ‘owner’ in the organisation, and ultimately don’t deliver on the podcasting promise.

Our complete end to end podcast package includes a host who speak’s your language (our hosts are business owners, directors or non-executive directors serving Australian corporates and the boards behind them). After buying your podcasting package, you simply provide the talking points, lock in a date and time for the interview, make any desired cuts then sign off on the output. We take care of everything else – and there is a lot!

We work with industry leading sound capture and engineering technology that ensure’s quality output, which we use all day, every day – this is how we deliver high quality, scalable and value driven podcasting to our clients.

Our team deliver enterprise ready, strategic stakeholder engagement that is professional, compliant and dependable.

We work with all leading podcast distribution platforms, like Apple and Spotify, but we also understand the corporate governance landscape, and with our technology stack (+partners) we can provide private and secured podcasting to individual users.

We place leading company’s stakeholder messaging in a convenient and compelling podcast with the minimum amount of input from the already overstretched teams that support corporate messaging.

This messaging will quickly become one of the most anticipated messages in your organisation, as your executive team’s voices are carried like a whisper in the ear of each of your engaged stakeholders, right through the organisation – its people, its investors, its customers.

You will be surprised how quickly we can turn around a fully hosted, fully produced corporate podcast, reach out.